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Even though the current covid-19 crisis, Selva Madre is still operational and accepting guests from all over the world.

For interest in visiting our center please contact Christoffer on Telegram for further questions and information.



Amazing Healing Loving Experience

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Selva Madre to anyone seeking a genuine, loving, and safe healing experience with Ayahuasca. From the moment I arrived at Selva Madre I felt so much love. It was truly a magical “healing” experience unlike any other Ayahuasca experience …
Unbelievable Healing

I stayed at Selva Madre early this month, and was overwhelmed by the love of everyone there. Everything is thought through, from spraying the area to prevent mosquitos before every retreat (almost none during the day), to 24/7 security, to day trips to see ...
Amazing experience

I traveled to Selva Madre alone and felt safe and welcome from the moment I arrived. The staff is amazing and loving, they have security at all times and the cooks do a wonderfully job feeding nutritious food. They have three shamans for every ceremony each …
Amazing Ayahuasca Experience

I am a solo female traveler under going my first Ayahuasca experience and I could have not asked for a better place! We had 4 ceremonies in total. Don Lucho (main shaman), Luis Jr and Anderson (both shaman in practice) offered spiritual guidance to participants throughout …
True Healing in an Authentic Retreat Setting

It is hard to put into words the power that plant medicine can have on your body, mind and spirit. It can be a truly transformative and insightful experience if one digs deep and seeks healing, Don Lucho, Luis Jr & Anderson all have years of experience helping people from all ...
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